The Pit Session 7


More exploring was done, current gametime is uhhhhh July of 1.

The Pit Session 6

The players went around exploring the surroundings, and established their kingdom; Oleg’s is now part of Pittagonia.

The Pit session 5

The players let loose a werewolf, Xander finally translated a “how to summon demons” book, and went exploring the area around Pittagonia. There they found a trader named Oleg, who was accosted by bandits. The players then accosted said bandits (and made them build a road).

Current game time: August 7th, year 0. (they started the campaign in gametime March, year 0)

The Pit Session 4

Pretty much all the characters gained control of the town, fought some zombies in a keep, and plot hooks were laid out. Grungar is now possessed through no fault of his own.

The Pit Session 1

Characters were made, an eladrin wizard kicked from his ancestral home, a tiefling warlock on the run from his family, a dragonborn cleric just chillin around the wurld, and whatever nik mad that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

They started off in a jailcell car, traveling to the wurld’s largest known prison, THE PIT.


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